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we think charity matters

Whilst the economic climate in the UK continues to struggle, our population remains consistent as a nation of givers. With incredible generosity to charity through national fundraising campaigns such as Comic Relief, Children in Need, Sport Relief and Text Santa, we can be proud as a nation for the support and kindness provided during 2012.

Whilst such important national fundraising campaigns are fantastic ways of raising charity awareness, it is also more important than ever to consider supporting a charity directly.

A reduction in property value, a fall in investment yield and a rise in unemployment figures can all have an adverse impact on charitable income. However, you can help your preferred charity so that these negative social and economic factors are expunged, or have very little affect on it’s financial strength. You may wish to provide a one off donation, choose to give a regular gift to charity or decide to leave a gift to charity in your Will.

Many people already generously support charity, yet others would like to give but don’t know where to search for a charity or how to choose a charity. We have compiled a comprehensive list of UK *registered charities so that you can find an organisation that supports the causes that you recognise and respect the most - because charity matters.

So many charities need your help and support to continue their work: from hospice care for both adults and children, national and international *animal welfare charities, environmental issues, to our treasured heritage, arts and the vital support for the homeless or those requiring rehabilitation services.

In addition to the diverse range of charities which need our compassion and kindness through regular donations and time, the natural disasters which lead to the destruction of our environment, homes and our people need dedicated support. It’s easy to watch from the comfort of our own homes, in awe and disbelief as media coverage shows us events as they unfold: tornados, hurricanes, unprecedented flooding, earthquakes, and the tsunami in Japan. Despite our advances in technology and engineering, we are often left powerless when it comes to the stability of our natural world.

During 2013 it is hoped that we will live in a world of peace and stability, yet this is, of course, highly unlikely. However, whilst international disasters occur all too frequently, the aid and care we provide really can make a difference as people strive to rebuild their lives, through the generosity of your kindness and financial support.

If you think charity matters, thank you for any support that you may be able to provide.

*please note that certain types of non-profit organisation cannot be be registered as a charity because the law prevents a charity from campaigning for legislative change. These can include organisations which campaign against animal cruelty, for example. These organisations have still been included on our site.

‘What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for eachother.’

George Eliot

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